Gregory Lombardi Design

Women In Design

Source: Boston Home Magazine

Approaching 30 years in business, Gregory Lombardi Design has been skillfully applying their landscape architecture expertise to create luxe, high-end outdoor spaces from New England to Florida and California.

By focusing on client engagement and empowering the design team to explore their creative strengths, they have fostered a team of Senior Leaders who translate the firm’s unique vision into site-specific design solutions with limitless wells of inspiration, creativity and evolving styles. Two of the senior designers, Rebecca Verner and Emily Guertin, have been working alongside Gregory for years, curating the design experience and developing highly detailed landscape environments to meet the needs of our discerning clients.

With 30+ years of experience, Rebecca Verner is passionate about making each project a positive experience for the client. She believes that the best design solutions are realized through a collaborative process. “I love the synergy of working with my clients and industry colleagues,” Verner says. “Together, we solve complicated design challenges and create beautiful, inviting spaces; resulting in the best overall client experience. This is what inspires me.”

Guertin is known for her vast understanding of New England natural and built systems. These sensibilities fuel her passion for both plants and regionally sourced materials and lend to hands-on approach to construction. “I strive to balance the fun and pragmatic with the goal of creating thoughtful, sustainable, and enduring outdoor spaces,” she says.

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