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Seaport’s New Grand Piazza

Source: Boston Business Journal

The Boston Business Journal released an article featuring the new market place at the Echelon Seaport that is scheduled to open this Spring 2022. The original master plan for the Seaport Square Innovation District outlined the importance of public spaces and a commitment to increases foot-traffic throughout the neighboring streets.

The Echelon Seaport brings all of this to life with “The Superette”, a European-inspired piazza that will feature stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. “The biggest challenge with this project was figuring out how to imbue this new landscape with a sense of old-world romanticism you might find in a European piazza,” explains Matt Gillen, Senior Landscape Designer for the project. “The team approach was to select seating and lighting elements that played against one another, instead of matching perfectly – a collection of different elements instead of an identical set.”

We relied on site furnishings made from carved limestone as well as cast iron and wood benches imported from Denmark to break up the uniformity of the space, creating a variety of different pockets for seating alone or in small groups.

This mix of materials, combined with a subtly toned checkboard carpet of pavers under a canopy of midsummer flowering Amur maackia trees, provides a wonderful backdrop for pedestrians to sit, mingle, shop and celebrate.

GLDI has been honored to be on this design team providing landscape architecture services to Cottonwood, CBT, KPF and Jeffrey Beers. We are looking forward to sharing final photography when it becomes available.

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