Gregory Lombardi Design

A careful blend of traditional and natural forms, this seasonal house features year-round color and interest throughout the landscape. Quietly set far from the rural road, the sinuous entry drive moves through flowing grasses and perennials designed to softly sway with the coastal winds.  In the Summer, the dwelling is defined by the vibrant colors that shift into soft golden hues later in the Fall. Salvaged stone was used judiciously for pathways and wayfinding, which is in purposeful contrast to the rear family zone that reinforces the contemporary style of the home’s interiors. Simple lines and geometry support the level changes between family respite, pool and event lawn and the play lawn below. It’s planting palette is designed for high color and ornamentation during the warmer months and keeps the long views open to the ocean.

Architect: Catalano  |  Builder: Hehir Builders  |  Photographer: Nat Rea