Gregory Lombardi Design

Playing With Fire… and Water

Source: Boston Design Guide

Ancient elements are fueling modern landscape designs.

The peace of water, the power of fire, small wonder more and more homeowners are incorporating these beautiful features within their landscapes. While on trend, these elements are anything but new. Since the beginning of time, people have been drawn to fire, riveted by its flames, comforted by its warmth. Water, too, has long been a focal point of classical gardens; Roman gardens were prized for their ornate fountains and still pools and basins. Today, New England landscape architects are seeing a return to these compelling features, not only for their powerful, sensuous beauty, but also because they extend the outdoor living season and make it infinitely more interesting.

Gregory Lombardi, president of Gregory Lombardi Design, maintains, “There’s so much culturally and, probably, subliminally, that’s hardwired into us as to what fire means—the comfort of it, the power of it, the primal nature of it. People can sit and watch a fire and it [becomes] a meditation; they just get lost in watching the flames. Water has a similar effect. It’s so primal, and usually thought-provoking and restful.”

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