Gregory Lombardi Design

A Narrative-based Approach to Landscape Architecture

Source: Boston Magazine

Taking a narrative approach to landscape architecture is the hallmark of Cambridge-based Gregory Lombardi Design. The elements within the landscape create an outdoor storybook one can experience and interact with.

“I tell people that I think about landscape as an experiential narrative, like a movie that you live in,” award-winning “story-teller” Greg Lombardi says. He has been a landscape architect since 1988 and owner of Gregory Lombardi Design since 1992. He and his team often push the envelope to craft unique outdoor spaces for highly discerning clients, following a mantra that landscaping is so much more than the garnish around buildings. “It’s more about space planning and creating that narrative,” he says.

In each of Gregory Lombardi’s projects, he looks at the functional elements that people want: a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, etc. “You have to build that into an aesthetic envelope,” he says. How do the details about the elements come together? To the viewer, does it unfold like a story? “There are layers of discovery that draw you into the landscape more completely and offer a bigger understanding of the universe, natural systems, anything that gets you to connect,” he says about his designs.

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