Gregory Lombardi Design

Luscious Layers

Source: Boston Design Guide

Nonquitt is the first Boston Design Guide feature to be focused entirely on the landscape of a project and they couldn’t have picked the more perfect story. Not only does the landscape enhance the beauty of this hidden estate, it is designed to withstand the harsh coastal surroundings.

Our clients priorities were to maintain a strong visual connection to the ocean for the extended family to enjoy. Layers of plants and vegetation were carefully selected to create a protective oasis for the residence from the saltwater winds that come up the coast as well as planning for rising sea water elevation over time.

Living along the coast is all about the view. Lawn steps were designed to casually bring beach-goes up to the family home with a juniper hedge that provides resilient rustic texture and obscures the stone wall. Soft ornamental Fountain Grass compliments the junipers along with drought resilient Russian Sage.

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