Gregory Lombardi Design

Classic Beauty

Source: Boston Design Guide

This Nonquitt shingle-style home was recently featured on the cover of Boston Design Guide’s Annual Edition. In collaboration with Catalano Architects, Howland Company, Kotzen Interiors and R.P. Marzilli, we designed and built this summer retreat to accommodate entertaining large family gatherings throughout the year.

From the front, the home is inviting. A glimpse of the ocean is visible as soon as one steps through the front door. The house is designed to balance the orientation to the view with the correct orientation to the sun, the interior is constantly filled with natural light.

Ornamental plantings were selected to add texture along the parking court and front door. The color palette was maintained along the water side, but transitioned to ornamental grasses and resilient shrubs that can withstand the ocean’s salt spray and seasonal storms.

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