Gregory Lombardi Design

An Edgartown Escape

Source: Cape Cod Home

Revisiting a landscape project after a few years is always exciting. While you’re never quite sure if the landscape will be maintained  in the way you envisioned, touching base with the clients is always a pleasure.  With this Vineyard estate, the visit came from Cape Cod Home and we were delighted to see our clients, Carol and Alexander Vietor, still enjoying their summer getaway.

Both Vietor and Lombardi note the ease of the collaborative design process. Landscaping does not solely transform an outdoor space, but also those who find peace within it. You have to disconnect to notice things around you. That’s a lot of it with landscape; to take what seems to be obvious and make it not so obvious. You will want to linger; and notice the little details. The thoughtfulness comes through and then you get a sense of well-being,” Lombardi reflects. For the Vietors, their outdoor space unites family members as they continue creating memories on the island.

To read the complete article and see some of the beautiful spaces, pick up a copy of Cape Cod Home or read on their website.

Architecture: Brooks & Falotico
Builder: Rosebeck Builders